Visualization / Imagery

The process of transformation will only happen in the reality where internal and external    spaces are the same, where there are no longer any boundaries […]


“Intuition is the clear concept of the whole at once” – J. K. Lavater Intuition is accurate insight and information that you have not gained […]

Extrasensory Perception

When our brain functions act together, our prefrontal cortex is fully awakened and we have the ability to develop the very highest form of intelligence […]

Magic of Touch

The baby’s life will be dramatically altered negatively, if they are not held and loved. Skin is body’s largest and fastest-growing organ. The skin serves […]

Human Body

Human body is empty spaced, noise liquid crystal. The quantum reality reveals that human body, as ‘solid matter’, is in essence empty space filled with […]

Heart Intelligence

Ask yourself where in the world you think that you would feel most powerful. Nearly everyone, upon deep reflection, came to conclusion that the power […]

Spirit Animal / Animal Power

Chinese and Western zodiac have time cycles divided in 32 parts. The majority of parts are labeled with names of animals and how their characteristics […]

Soul Mates

What is Love? You can intellectualize love, discuss theories, hypotheses and doctrines, analyze biologically or you may not know love at all. Love is existential. […]


Knowledge was passed through successive generation through oral tradition, dance, ceremony and various artistic forms, including paintings, drawings and petroglyphs A ritual, rite, or ceremony […]

Water – Facts

Our cells need water to operate and because we lose traces of our internal stores with every sweat we break, every breath and excretion we […]

Electromagnetic Therapies

Human has all currents of energy within himself, so that can help self when ill or can maintain good health if knows how to use […]

Electrical Air

Negative ion generators have been used with success, for decades in Europe, to combat fatigue, decrease allergic reactions, help healing and prevent infections to a […]